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Hi Bernadette here, welcome to, where my main focus is on helping new moms to take back control of their time, energy and sanity for themselves.

Here I’ve decided to curate my posts, tools, freebies, all in one place in a chronological order to make it easier for your navigation in your motherhood journey.

I know how hard it is to string information together when everything is all over the website. I always felt I only get bits and pieces of a puzzle when I read people’s posts, having a hard time piecing the big picture together.

So I’ve gone ahead and made a collection for you.

How to ditch survival mode in motherhood

finding myself in motherhood

To the mom who has lost herself in motherhood: To start off, read this post on how I lost myself in motherhood and how I found my footing again. This post will give you insights into reframing your limiting beliefs in motherhood.

lost in motherhood worksheet

FREE Find myself worksheet: I recommend you download this free worksheet. I’ve prepared this worksheet to help tackle the core issues in your motherhood journey. It digs deep, it may not immediately transform you, but it will definitely kickstart the ‘engine’ in you, which is the point.

self-care tips for new moms

Self-care idea: How to actually thrive as a mom: Next, look into self-care. It is crucial for moms to move from surviving to thriving. One of the ways to thrive is to relook at our perception and understanding of self-care. Here I tackle some misconceptions of self-care and why we might fail at doing so.

free motherhood journal

FREE mini journal: Next it’s about consciously practicing mindfulness and self-reflection. I recommend downloading my free 20+ page journal to start your self-reflection journey. This FREE journal covers topics from self-care, personal growth, self-discovery, gratitude, and emotional breakthroughs. It is a mini collection from my journal series. Good enough to start your self-reflection journey on your own.

How to start thriving by taking back time, energy, and sanity as a mom

finding time for new moms

How I gain back time, energy, and sanity as a new mom: This post focuses on what I did to take back the three main things we new moms struggle with, which are our time, energy, and sanity. Start with this post to learn exactly what I did before heading on to practical tips and advice.

The 39 Practical advice that will save a new mom: This will be great for new moms as it gives foresight to what you don’t expect. It covers topics from baby feeding, breastfeeding to emotional navigation, and relationship challenges.

Work from Home: A Survival guide to parents with kids: I wrote this with the COVID situation in mind. Covering tips from bulk cooking, sharing a small space, being productive, to books recommendations, and more.

How to empower yourself and the people around you

This section contains my freebie and digital products that help you empower yourself and others.

self-care affirmation printable

FREE Affirmation Card Kit: I’ve created this digital affirmation card kit for your personal use. Inside include simple feminine and neutral card designs for you to fill in your encouraging words to gift to people. It also includes 20 prompts to jump-start your creative writing gear.

gratitude prompt journal

Feel Good Journal: This is from one of my journal series digital products. I’ve created a feel-good journal to give moms (women) the space to be ‘selfish’ to think about themselves. It is also a space for moms to be kind to themselves too. Inside includes gratitude and self-care centric prompts that you be kind and thankful to yourself when it gets hard to see the good in us and around us (and others).

As I write more posts and create more freebies of digital products, I will periodically add to this list. Do check back from time to time, or signup to my email list to receive updates and newsletters on what’s next.

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