Mom Freebies:

Freebie Worksheet: Breaking out of mama funk and finding yourself again

This 17 page of step-by-step worksheet will help you break out of mom funk and redefine your role as a stay at home mom. Free free to share it with whomever you feel might need some help.

lost in motherhood worksheet

Freebie motherhood quote printable

This set of motherhood quotes consists of 34 practical tips and reminders for new moms and overwhelmed moms.

Download for free and don’t forget to look after yourself, mama.

motherhood printable quotes free

Freebie 20+ Journal

I created this 20+ journal for women to help declutter their mind and gain clarity in the process. It is an introduction to my journal series. It has prompts from gratitude, self-care, emotional processing, emotional breakthrough and so much more.

Full article here: FREE journal for women post

free prompt journal for women

Free breastfeeding checklist

This is a breastfeeding checklist for new moms on what are the essential things you need to prepare before the baby arrives.

Full article here: Breastfeeding Must-haves That Will Help A New Mom

breastfeeding checklist for new moms

Services or products I use and recommend:

The recommendations below are the tools I use and love. I hope some of the freebies and perks will come in handy for you.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I might make a small commission if you decide to buy something and this money will be used to keep the website going.

Self-Care Perks

Oasis shower diffuser

One of my pampering self-care regime is going for a spa and surround myself in essential oil aromas. And I’m so glad to have found a way to replicate that in my toilet with the essential oil shower diffuser.

Here you can enjoy a 10% discount through this link.

Books I recommend for new moms

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

This book is more than just decluttering. In the process of tidying, you will also go through a mental cleansing to the items you are attached to (if you allow the process to happen) and more. It totally changed the way I see and treat my stuff.

A good book to read and execute especially right before the baby arrives.

Blog Resources


So I’m new to blogging, and what’s most frustrating is when I am confronted with tech issues. I’ve used multiple opt-in services and so far this is the most tech-noob friendly opt-in I encountered! 

Use this Convertkit link and you will get the first 100 subscriber service for free. 


Since I am not tech-savvy, this means I struggle with adobe illustrator as well. So Canva has been a lifesaver in creating logos, banner images, opt-in images, digital products, and such. And what’s more, you can do a whole lot fro free through this site already! So I highly recommend this if you’re a tech-noob and a new blogger like me.

Join Canva with this link and you’ll get a free Canva credit which allows you to buy premium items on the site!


Since I’m still getting the hang of understanding and making my site rank on SEO, I’ve been relying on Pinterest to get some visibility on my blog. But the problem with Pinterest is that you need to pin 20-30 times a day to get some meaningful impressions. 

Hence Tailwind has been another lifesaver for me.

You can set up your pin and schedule them ahead of time. What’s awesome is that it is all automated once you set it up! I love how it has bought me more time to work on the blog instead of pinning.

A must-have for all new bloggers!

With this link, you’ll get $15 for free which essentially allows you to use Tailwind for free for a month.