Grab this awesome 28 page Self Reflection Journal!

There are a lot of printable journals that you can get online. But this journal is carefully curated for the busy and overwhelmed moms through a more holistic approach.

This journal will help mom focus on the journey and growth she has made. With reminders on the things that bring you joy and rediscover the passion that was burning in you before you lost it.

And that’s not all, this journal is only $2.79!

This 28+ Page Journal Includes


  • Cover page
  • how to use page
  • My journal vision page
  • One-Liner blank pages
  • daily blank morning journal
  • daily blank evening journal

Personal growth pages

  • personal growth list of prompts
  • one-line personal growth with prompts
  • 5-mins personal growth with prompts
  • blank personal growth pages

Self discovery pages

  • a list of self-discovery prompts
  • one-line self-discovery with prompts
  • 5-mins self-discovery with prompts
  • blank self-discovery pages

Treasure list pages

  • treasure list of prompts
  • blank treasure pages

Here’s a snippet on what you’ll get, with only $2.79!

This journal will not only help you record your daily thoughts and feelings,

It also helps you to:

  • process your thoughts and emotions
  • remind yourself of your strength
  • recognize the growth you’ve made
  • explore what you want to do
  • accept your ‘weaknesses’
  • develop skills to further hone your abilities
  • identifying the scripts that’s been playing in your heads
  • taking charge of your mind and rewrite the negative things we tell ourselves
  • reminding yourself of the list of things that makes you happy and brings you joy
  • reigniting your passion in life
  • reflecting on how well you’re doing and what you’d like to do differently

Why buy THIS journal?

You may get a normal blank journal (or even just a notebook or word document) to record your thoughts and feelings, but this is more than that.

See journaling is more than just recording things down. With the right prompts, journaling can be very powerful at helping you find your own way.

It is cheap, convenient and once the skill of asking yourself the right questions becomes second nature to you, you have gained a lifelong skill.

And only for $5, these prompts for practice will help you get there!

I created this journal for that purpose. Helping women to find joy and life in these crazy times. From one mom to another, I wish you a good journaling experience. xoxo

Frequently asked questions:

Any other perks?

Yes, I’m glad you asked. I update my products periodically and you will receive a copy of the update for FREE for life. Just make sure you’re in my email list and you shall receive update on any purchases you make.

What format does the journal comes in?

It is digital file that comes in .PDF format. You may print out as many pages as you like to start practicing holistic journaling.

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product (an eProduct), I cannot issue a refund. You may email me at if you have any questions before purchase.

What if I never journal before?

Then this is perfect for you, for the prompts will always guide and give you ideas on self-reflection in all aspects of your life.

When can I receive it?

You will receive your download immediately as soon as you make the purchase!

Can I use these journals on a general/daily basis?

Yes, you may use all the journals on a daily basis that journals about general topics. I’ve provided a blank daily page for that.

What if I’m an expert in journaling?

That’s great to hear! If you are able to actively process your thoughts and feelings without getting stuck. Then you’re perfect on your own. But if you want to add more thought provoking questions into your journal, you will learn something new.