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Hello, Welcome to Navigating Life!

I am Bernadette –  Mom Coach / Blogger / Creator of Navigating Life which is a blog dedicated to overwhelmed stay-at-home moms who want to stop surviving and start thriving in motherhood.

My blog is for you if you are:

  • A new stay at home mom (SAHM) who is looking for tips for your first year.
  • An overwhelmed mom who wants to have time and energy back and be sane again through prioritizing self-care and putting focus on yourself.
  • A mom who is feeling lost or unsure of your strength or identity as a mother and is looking for ways to set your footing in this journey of motherhood.

This is what Navigating Life is about – a place where overwhelmed moms can find tips and actionable steps to gain back footing and take back control of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings in regards to motherhood.

I advocate in:

  • learning to use your strengths to pave your journey in motherhood,
  • identify your mom myths and limiting beliefs and turning them around so they work for you rather than against you,
  • help you build your confidence as a new mom, embracing this new role and forming your new identity without sacrificing who you are.

About Me

I am currently living with my husband and my lil’ baby girl in Malaysia. I was in the education industry for 10 years and have a degree in mass communication and Diploma in special child needs and child counseling. Nice to meet you!

I aim to share whatever experiences I have encountered as much as I can as a stay at home mom. Be it dealing with emotional challenges, day-to-day struggles with the baby, keeping the house in order, or building your confidence as a stay at home mom. I’m your gal.

Motherhood is hard and overwhelming. I realize if I do not do anything about my motherhood challenges, I will not be happy if it keeps up.

So on top of exploring solutions for my day-today struggle as a mom through systemizing the house,

I have also delved into:

  • Prioritizing self-care in recharging my energy, sanity, and me-time.
  • Identifying my limiting beliefs and mom myths and debunking them so I no longer be burdened by my limiting thoughts
  • Identifying my trigger points at home so I may respond differently than what I used (I am quick to anger).

I also focus on building up a stay at home mom confidence through coaching. I am in the midst of building a beta program and taking beta clients. You may get more details on my work with me page.

If you’re a first time mom looking for first year tips, I would suggest:

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